The Society for the Psychological Study of Men and Masculinity (SPSMM) provides book reviews for members to learn about the latest books in the field. Persons interested in reviewing books or having their books reviewed  should contact the Book & Video Editor. The Editor will exercise his or her discretion as to which book will be reviewed in any given issue based on his or her judgment about the interests of the membership and mission of SPSMM.

Reviews should specify the intended audience, the strengths and any weaknesses of the work, and other indications of its quality.

Reviewers must assert in writing that they do not have a conflict of interest or personal relationship that would interfere with providing an objective review. The Editor will select reviewers in response to an author’s request, and the author will provide a copy of the book or video to the Editor.

Currently, reviews are published on the web site because page space in the Division’s journal Psychology of Men and Masculinity (PMM) is at a premium with priority being placed on publishing manuscripts. This policy could be revisited once additional pages are allocated to PMM.