The Society for the Psychological Study of Men and Masculinity (SPSMM) welcomes articles/blogs regarding boys, men, and masculinity. Content must be consistent with our mission statement and must be submitted by a member of SPSMM. (Information regarding books & videos here). We welcome the following content:

Articles/Blogs: The SPSMM website accepts submissions in 4 areas; submissions should be approximately 750-1,000 words and written in an appropriate voice and style. Submissions are always welcome. Contributors should specify if they are writing for:

  • Masculinity in Media: Critical reviews of how boys, men, and masculinity are portrayed in popular media (e.g., film, TV, music).
  • Clinician’s Corner: Guidance for those who do therapy with boys and men.
  • Professional Pointers: Guidance for those who work with boys and men in any professional setting, including Teaching, HealthCare, and Corrections, among others.
  • Research Summaries: Brief, lay language summaries of original research articles. Summaries may describe a single published study or summarize a body of research. Hyperlinks to original articles are required.
  • Featured Author Spotlight: If you have recently had an article published or accepted in Psychology of Men and Masculinity, you may write your own profile piece. More details here.

News Items: Mass media reports about boys, men, and masculinity, news reports featuring SPSMM members, are welcome here, honors bestowed on SPSMM members. Requests for Papers (RFPs), Grant announcements, Conference announcements, and the like are also accepted.

Books & Videos and Reviews: SPSMM maintains a list of books and videos. This list is open to work submitted by members and non-members and includes reviews written by SPSMM members. Additional information regarding submission can be found here.

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