The convention is almost here!

The D51 Hospitality Suite will be in the Marriott Marquis, Room 15-112.

The Society for the Psychological Study of Men and Masculinity, division 51 of the American Psychological Association, is pleased to participate in this year’s Annual Convention. We will offer a variety of events, including symposia, discussion hours, and interactive workshops. Events will be in the main convention center spaces (as part of the official program) as well as our hospitality suite.

If you are interested in meeting the people of SPSMM or learning more about the organization, please consider attending our Business Meeting (4:00) or the Social Hour (5:00) on Saturday August 5 in the DC Marriott Marquis, Capitol Room, Meeting Level 4.

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Day/Time: 8/3/2017 Thu 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM
Leadership Roles and Mentoring Opportunities for Students in Division 51
Chair: Holly Sweet, PhD, Lauren Clinton, Tyler Bradstreet, and Nelson Zounlome
Topic: A breakfast meeting to welcome the newly formed presidential student advisory committee. We will discuss getting involved with 51, increasing and diversifying membership, reaching out to the public on men’s issues, and collaborating with other divisions and like-minded organizations. Student leaders can be paired with board members with whom they share common interests. Student mentoring needs will also be covered! Contact: Holly Sweet (

Day/Time: 8/3/2017 Thu Noon – 1:00 PM
Conversation Hour: Sexual and Gender Minority Masculinities
Chair: Will Elder, PhD, and Kathleen Alto
Topic: Many social institutions emphasize cisgender identity or heterosexuality as biologically determined. However, expression of romantic or sexual attraction might present gay, bisexual, and transmen with gender role-related conflict that is not in line with heteronormative gender role ideals. This may leave some sexual and gender minority individuals ostracized from their inherent sense of male identity and pressured to adapt their behaviors to fit these dominant masculine roles to reduce feelings of minority stress. This Division 51 conversation hour will focus on recent clinical and scientific findings about non-heteronormative masculinities. What are current gaps in this recent literature? What potential projects might address these? All who engage in (or are curious about) LGBT research, clinical practice, and social advocacy work are welcome. Contact: William Elder ( or Kathleen Alto (

Day/Time: 8/3/2017 Thu 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM
Toxic Masculinity and Toxic Femininity
Chair: Judith Logue, PhD, Andrew Smiler, PhD, Holly Sweet, PhD
Topic: To understand individual, group and cultural (including political) effects of unhealthful or extreme gender identifications and relationship styles. Healthful relatedness will be contrasted and discussed. Presenters will each ask a scholarly question, and then moderate a lively and fun discussion. 1. Logue: Are we evolved enough to focus on equality and equivalence? Specifically, can we focus on healthy masculinity in relation to healthy femininity instead of only one or the other? 2. Sweet: What can each of us do to reach across the divide to listen to the other side, and then cooperate together for the greater good? 3. Smiler: Are our efforts toward changing those at the extreme ends of the gender spectrum worthwhile, or would we be better served by trying to move those with more middling views/enactments of gender? Contact: Judith Logue (

Day/Time: 8/3/2017 Thu 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Speed Mentoring
Chair: Danny Singley, PhD, Brian Cole, PhD, and the Div 51 Membership Committee
Topic: Join us for this exciting session bringing together Division 51 mentors and students/ECPs! Followed by the Social Hour for Early Career Psychologists! Contact: Contact: Danny Singley (


Day/Time: 8/4/2017 Fri Noon – 1:00 PM
The Next Big Thing: Using citation network analysis to develop a research program
Chair: Mike Parent, PhD, and William Ming Liu, PhD
Topic: Join us to learn about citation networks, and how students, ECPs, and established professionals can use citation analysis to identify new and exciting topic areas for research and scholarship! Contact: Mike Parent (

Day/Time: 8/4/2017 Fri 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM
Research incubator on research relating to male violence
Chair: Kris Gebhard, MA
Topic: Male violence is a major social problem in society. Research on men and masculinities can play an import role in identifying causes of male aggression and violence, and creating and improving interventions to prevent violence. Division 51’s Statement on Violence, Mental Health, and Masculinity (2014), called for more intervention studies to prevent violence. This incubator is for researchers who are interested in collaborating on any work that relates to, or could inform, research on male aggression and violence. For example, this is a space for discussing how our research on gender role norms and expectations, gender role stress, and gender role conflict informs research on male violence; collaboration on intervention studies; and brainstorming about research questions that will help us better understand causes of male violence. Contact: Kris Gebhard (

Day/Time: 8/4/2017 Fri 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Men, Compassion, and Self-Compassion in the USA and Dubai
Increase in compassion and self-compassion can be overlooked, underrated, or neglected as a healthy outcome of psychotherapy with men. Our discussion will focus on how and why the awareness and practice of compassion and self-compassion often increases a man’s psychological health. In addition, I will summarize the reception by mental health practitioners of a presentation on men and compassion at the first Middle East Psychological Association (MEPA) convention in Dubai. Contact: Ed Adams, PsyD (

Day/Time: 8/4/2017 Fri 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Division 51 Student and ECP Happy Hour
Chair: Brain Cole, PhD, Danny Singley, PhD, and the Div 51 membership committee
Topic: Welcome to the Hospitality Suite for the student and ECP happy hour! All current and prospective members of 51 are welcome for snacks, networking, and socializing! Contact: Brian Cole (


Day/Time: 8/5/2017 Saturday 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Collaboration for social justice: Developing plans for practical action to confront
sexism, racism, and homophobia
Chair: Holly Sweet, PhD, Olivia Moorehead-Slaughter, PhD, & Kimberly Balsam, PhD
Topic: In this activity, we will discuss developing one or two specific action plans that could be carried out over the course of the year that would involve addressing the issues of racism, sexism and/or homophobia in a proactive manner, including developing educative materials or running workshops on these issues for educational institutions, state psychological associations and local governments. Contact: Holly Sweet (

Day/Time: 8/5/2017 Saturday 11:00 AM – Noon
Psychology of Men & Masculinity Editorial Group Meeting
Chair: William Ming Liu, PhD
Topic: Meeting with Associate Editors and Executive Board regarding the status of PMM; Report from APA on business status of PMM Contact: William Ming Liu (

Individuals interested in learning more about D51 are invited to attend our Business Meeting and Newcomers Meeting Saturday 4:00-4:50 and/or the Social Hour, Saturday 5:00-5:50, both in the Marriott Marquis Washington, DC Hotel Capitol Room.

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