SPSMM advances knowledge in the psychology of men through research, education, training, public policy, and improved clinical services for men.  While your membership technically runs from January – December (which is when you will receive the Psychology of Men & Masculinity journal if your membership category includes it), you are added to our rosters and welcome to participate in all Division 51 activities including the listserv ( http://www.apa.org/divisions/Div51/join/listserv.htm) as soon as you sign up.

Benefits of membership include:

  • Participation in SPSMM Listserv where members exchange information and ideas, discuss research and practice, and network with colleagues
  • Opportunities to serve in leadership roles in Division 51’s Committees and Task Forces
  • Involvement with divisional web page on your interests and expertise in psychology of men
  • Opportunities to meet, network, and socialize with over 500 psychologists committed to advancing the psychology men and gender

Membership options, with annual cost:

  • Member/Associate/Fellow: $37
  • Student Affiliate:     $25 w/journal or $10 without journal
  • Early Career (1st Year Full Member) $25
  • Professional Affiliate: $35
  • International Affiliate: $35


To register electronically through APA, click here.

To download a form to submit by mail, choose either .pdf or .doc.