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A letter from student representative Chris Mackowiak (06/22/12):

Last month, from my role as student representative for Division 51, I submitted an application for the APAGS Outstanding Division Award. The award recognizes one division’s outstanding level of commitment toward integrating students into division governance and activities.

I am proudly writing to let everyone know that our division won the award!! We will be presented with a plaque at the APA Convention, as well as a $1500 prize to be allocated toward future student initiatives. There will also be features about D51 student initiatives in APAGS publications, including gradPsych magazine and APAGS Campus Bulletin.

I was able to highlight some key features of involvement for D51 students in our application. To name a few: the open-arms invitation for students to attend the Annual Midwinter Retreat; the recently designated Student Member-at-Large to provide a voting position on the D51 Executive Board; annual presentation of the Student of the Year Award and Loren Frankel Student Research award; student scholarships to attend the Psychotherapy with Men Conference and “Teaching the Psychology of Men” Workshop at APA; as well as recent developments to create a Student Special-Interest-Group particular to our issues and concerns.

Many thanks to division leaders who have worked so hard to integrate student voices into this division!!

Chris Mackowiak

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Collaborativness of Division 51
SPSMM is a division that focuses on the building of relationships and the collaboration among members. Students are considered extremely important in this process. Students are encouraged to connect with members and fellows at conferences and at the APA social hour.

Student Representatives of SPSMM
Division 51 has several student leadership positions, including a member-at-large position and the Student SIG. These students represent student interests at division board meetings and conferences. They also facilitate communication between student affiliates, as well as between students and the executive board. Do you have questions about student membership in SPSMM? Interested in becoming more involved in SPSMM or the Student SIG? Feel free to contact a student representative:

Emily Smith: emilysmith[at]utexax[dot]edu
Member-at-Large, Student Slate

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