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When did you join Division 51? What made you interested in joining?

I joined Division 51 in July 2014 as the division’s first Research to Practice and Policy Leadership Development Institute (RPPLDI) fellow. One of my amazing mentors Dr. Chris Liang, current member and past Division 51 president, encouraged me to apply to the RPPLDI fellowship and played an active role in connecting me with others in the division. 

What do you find most valuable about being a member of the division?

I am still fairly new to the division but working with the members of Race, Ethnicity, and Masculinity Special Interest Group (REMSIG) has been most valuable to me thus far. We participate in monthly conference calls where we discuss Division 51 business as well as current events and the day to day aspects of our busy lives. I value that time and I’ve learned a great deal from our group. I am also excited about the division’s commitment to Black and Brown boys and men so I look forward to exploring ways the division can support existing efforts within APA and beyond.

What are your clinical, teaching, research, or other applied interests relating to the psychology of men and masculinity?

I currently work as a clinician within a private group practice and I see very few boys and men. Clinically one of my goals is to develop therapeutic programs that reach boys and men who are not interested in one on one therapy. As an adjunct instructor I aim to educate my students on the unique cultural considerations for working with child and adolescent male clients. The overarching theme in my work as a clinician and instructor is to make mental health services more accessible and beneficial for boys and men.

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