Current title/affiliation/professional role(s):

photo_Singley_100x100I am the Vice President of Curriculum Development and Research for Essential Learning, LLC – an e-learning company that provides trainings for organizations in a variety of markets including behavioral health, corrections, developmental disabilities, and early childhood education.  I also have a smallish private practice focused on men’s issues and do research consulting.  Finally, I teach a class for expectant and new dads in partnership with a local hospital.

When did you join Division 51? What made you interested in joining?

I joined in 2008 – the year after Jeff Jones (former Chair of the Men’s Issues Committee of the San Diego Psychological Association) had encouraged me to attend a number of Div 51 events at APA.  I immediately resonated to the Div 51 members’ enthusiasm about academic pursuit while also valuing personal connections with each other.

What do you find most valuable about being a member of the division?

The camaraderie and the intellectual curiosity of the members.  Beyond the great conference talks and conversations I’ve enjoyed, each time I get a new issue of the Division’s journal, I am really excited to learn what the movers and shakers in the field are involved in – and to then turn around to apply what I’ve learned in my own practice.  Plus, I never get tired of having this interaction:

Somebody: “So, what areas of psychology are you interested in?”

Me: “Well, I’m really interested in men’s issues and masculinity.”

Sombebody: ”What?  I mean, with the long history of men at the helm of psychology, isn’t all psychology about men?”

Me: “Well, not really…”

What are your clinical, teaching, research, or other applied interests relating to the psychology of men and masculinity?

My clinical practice focuses heavily on men, and my biweekly men’s group is the jewel of my practice.  As a father of young kids, I’m particularly interested in issues relevant to new fathers and fathers-to-be.  I teach an ongoing, grant-funded class for new dads and always find myself energized by working with dads who generally just want to know how to stay engaged with their young babies.

The site for the dads class is here.