Current title/affiliation/professional role(s):

photo_MemberSpotllight_DerbortI am a psychologist (Ph.D. in 1987 from Syracuse University).  My primary professional role is as a psychotherapist in private (solo) practice in the downtown Boston area.

When did you join Division 51? What made you interested in joining?

I joined Division 51 many years ago (at least the early 90’s or whenever it started up). I was drawn to the division for several reasons. At the time, I was working at Boston University in the Counseling Center. I found myself seeing many men dealing with a unique set of issues around academic performance, sexuality, and relationship confusion and dissatisfaction. I began to lead men’s groups and realized how common the struggles were. So my interest in men began, and the early questioning around men’s roles, needs, and definitions got my attention. Of course, the other reason I was drawn to Div. 51 is because I too was/am a man. I found a professional home where my academic and clinical interests dovetailed with my own personal questions, and together were addressed and examined.

What do you find most valuable about being a member of the division?

What I find most enjoyable and rewarding about being a part of the Division is to be involved in a cutting edge movement to better men and the relationships men engage in. It meets my scholarly needs by pointing me towards recent research and theory, my clinical needs by informing my practice of helping men, and my personal needs to better understand myself and take responsibility for becoming a better man.

What are your clinical, teaching, research, or other applied interests relating to the psychology of men and masculinity?

My particular interests in men and masculinity are the role of sports in men’s lives, men’s relationships with men and women, and most importantly these days, fathering. And by fathering, I mean in part going through the process of redefining what it means for me to father (as in a verb) in a way that is best for my son, my wife, my community, and myself.