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• Matthew Jakupcak, PhD

• Jennifer Primack, PhD

• Samantha Solimeo, PhD, MPH


Psychology of Men and Masculinity will publish a special issue focused on the intersection of masculinity, militarism, health and health behaviors.

The goal of this special issue will be to highlight progress made in the past 20 years in understanding the influence and expression of masculinity in military or veteran populations, with regard to psychological and physical well-being, social integration, and help-seeking. By drawing together qualitative and quantitative research on how masculinity and military cultures interact with regard to health across a life course perspective, we aim to bridge disparate ways of thinking about gender norms within military, Veteran and war affected cultures. We are seeking contributions from the fields of social psychology, clinical medical and psychiatric science, as well as other social sciences engaged in masculinity research such as anthropology, gerontology, or sociology. We wish to include considerations of aging, cultural and regional differences, and both men and women’s experiences of male gender norms within militarized settings.

Topics to be covered may include, but are not limited to masculinity and male gender norms in relationship to:

  • military-related injuries such as traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, loss of limb, infertility, etc.;
  • military-related sexual trauma from the perspective of victims, witnesses, or perpetrators of sexual violence;
  • the recruitment and retention of men into formal or informal military service;
  • social experience of psychological suffering and/or post military reintegration;
  • healthcare service use, attitudes toward treatment; adherence to masculinity and military norms and suicide and interpersonal violence behaviors;
  • women’s experiences within military cultures;
  • aging and age-related medical conditions and psychosocial adjustment;
  • family resiliency during or following war zone exposure or combat deployments; or
  • sexual orientation and sexual identity in military cultures.

Individuals and laboratories engaged in research in these areas are invited to submit abstracts describing their proposed manuscript submission to Psychology of Men and Masculinity in order to be considered for inclusion in this special issue.

Abstracts ranging from 200 to 250 words, should be submitted through the Psychology of Men & Masculinity Manuscript Submission Portal and the cover letter should indicate that the authors wish the manuscript to be considered for publication in the special issue titled, “Health Implications of Masculinity and Expressions of Male Gender Norms Within Military Populations.”

Abstracts are due January 15, 2016.

Invitations to submit a full manuscript will be issued in January 2016.

Invited manuscripts will be accepted through September 2016 and will undergo formal peer review prior to consideration for inclusion in the special issue.

Questions or inquiries about the special issue can be directed to the journal Editor, William M. Liu.

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