AS A MAN: Are you sometimes confused about what it takes to be manly, successful, and loving in today’s turbulent world?

AS A PARENT OR EDUCATOR: Are you concerned about how current models of masculinity adversely impact young men and want to help develop new ones?

AS A WOMAN: Do you want the men and boys in your life to be happy, healthy, and successful–but aren’t sure how to be most supportive?

The conversations, presentations, and workshops will provide information, insights, and tools to help you answer these questions and many more.

The conference begins with a Keynote Presentation by Dr. Micheal Kimmel, a leading authority on men and boys is on Friday night November 4, 2016 but the conference continues on Saturday November 5, 2016. Featured presenters on Saturday include Dr. Ed Adams (“Men and Happiness”), Dr. Ken Verni (“Men and Mindfulness”), Dr. Holly Sweet (“Gender Empathy”) and Dr. Marilee Adams (“Men in Relationship”). Each workshop is interactive, informative, and presents information that has direct application to the lives of men and women.

Men And Masculinity In A Changing World is open to all men and women interested in exploring the best of masculinity.

For more information, visit webpage of conference organizer Men Mentoring Men, their conference page, or click to download the men-and-masculinity-conference-flyer-2016.



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