We  strongly support the letter written on August 14 by APA President Anthony Puente, condemning the recent violence in Charlottesville.  We are very disturbed by the events last weekend in which white supremacists demonstrators clashed with counter protesters, a clash which led to the death of a young woman allegedly by a member of the “alt right.” We deplore the activities of white supremacists and ask President Trump to denounce in an unambiguous fashion the violence that is perpetuated by hate groups.

We must all work together to stand up for the diversity that makes our country strong, to support all minorities who are directly or indirectly attacked by hatred, and urge all branches of our government to make it publicly and clearly known they will not tolerate any homophobic, anti-immigrant, anti-Semitic, Islamophobic, or  sexist or racist rhetoric that encourages violence of any kind.

Division 51 Executive Committee Members: Dr. Ed Adams (President Elect), Dr. Ryon McDermott (Secretary), Dr. Randa Remer (Treasurer), Dr. Holly Sweet (President), Dr. David Whitcomb (Past President)